What we do

Direct investments in private equity

We offer direct private equity investment solutions in infrastructure, asset finance and private debt.

Tailored solutions

We offer flexible and customized financing solutions to our partners (investors and financed companies) in order to ensure our investment strategy is in line with our investees’ regulatory, fiscal, geographic and sector requirements.

Sourcing and due diligence

Our established network of industry players and investors in each focus area allows for significant deal flow and market intelligence. As part of the investment process, we conduct detailed legal, fiscal, financial, regulatory and technical diligence for each opportunity.

Investment structure

We draw on our teams and our partners’ transaction and investment structuring expertise to create the appropriate deal structure to ensure all parties are properly aligned.

Monitoring investments

Our industry and sector expertise provides us with the ability to effectively monitor the operations and financial results of each investment throughout their lifecycle. This provides investment teams with the ability to identify ways in which we can maximize value upon exit.

Investment disposal

Preparing the disposal phase early on is just as important. This allows each investment to reach its targeted strategic and financial goals in order to provide a maximum return to investors.