The utility of renewable energies in the reclaimed villages of France

De l’utilité des énergies renouvelables dans les villages reclus en France

At the end of November, in the valley of Breda, in France, a logger fell accidentally a tree on an electric tower.
Results : The small village of Pinsot, located at some 700 meters altitude, is deprived of electricity and three weeks of work will be necessary to repair the damages … 

But this isolated village has the chance to be perfectly autonomous in terms of electricity when needed. 

And this independence is possible thanks to the company Nouvelles Énergies Hydrauliques, a stake of RIVE Private Investment (123Venture & Elyseum), which manages part of the electricity network in the Breda valley and produces electricity from four hydroelectric plants. So, the village could quickly be supplied with renewable electricity. The current and the light could again circulate in the houses. 

Nouvelles Énergies Hydrauliques, a stake of RIVE Private Investment (123Venture & Elyseum), is specialized in hydroelectricity and holds 18 hydroelectric plants in the French Alps.
Each year, the company produces 300 GWh, equivalent to the consumption of about 300,000 people.
A new hydroelectric plants is planned for Spring 201, in La Combe de Lancey (Isère). Built near a lake, the 1.5 MW turbine, will integrate between two other hydroelectrics plants.