Rive Private investement Meet our team of dedicated professionals


Meet our team of dedicated professionals

RIVE Private Investment benefits from the talent and expertise of investment professionals located in 3 European countries.

Focused on energy transition and transportation assets investments, our industry and sector specialists leverage on their extensive networks as well as proven track record to generate attractive investments opportunities and deliver successful outcomes.

Benoît Bidan

Investment Director

Benoît has more than 8 years of experience in infrastructure investments with a specific focus on energy transition assets.

Benoît started his career at Crédit Agricole CIB and VINCI Concessions where he was involved in numerous public-private partnerships project financings and airport acquisitions. In 2016, Benoît joined Amundi Energy Transition and became Associate Director. He closed multiple transactions across Europe and successfully negotiated public tenders. After having successfully contributed to the deployment of more than €250 million in renewable energies and district heating networks. Benoit is now in charge of sourcing and structuring investments in Sustainable Infrastructures at RIVE Private Investment.

Benoît is a graduate from Ecole Centrale and EDHEC Business School as well as a CFA Charterholder.

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Arnaud Bouvard


Arnaud has more than 16 years of experience in financial audit and risk management with a focus on private markets.

Arnaud started his career at Deloitte Luxembourg as financial auditor before joining HRT Révision (member of PKF International). He has achieved numerous engagements of accounts certification in the areas of private equity, real estate and investment funds in international contexts. In 2014, Arnaud joined RIVE Private Investment as Risk Manager, in charge of investments analysis and follow-up, control of flows as well as internal and external reporting. Since 2024, Arnaud has been a Partner at RIVE Private Investment, holding the position of Chief Operating Officer.

Arnaud is a graduate of IESEG business school and certified accountant.

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Camille Brunel


Camille has more than 17 years of experience in structured finance with a specific focus on tangible assets.

After experiences in audit (Ernst & Young), LBO (PAI Partners) and internal audit (Société Générale New York), Camille joined the Corporate Coverage department of Société Générale in the automotive sector. In 2008, Camille joined the Asset Based Finance team of Société Générale CIB, developing overseas activity and carrying out numerous structured leasing transactions on trains, boats and various industrial assets. In 2011, Camille joined the Asset Based Leasing team of BNP Paribas. He structured financial and operational leasing transactions on a wide range of assets: social housings, industrial equipment and facilities, aircraft as well as helicopters operated in Europe, Africa and USA. Camille took his position at RIVE Private Investment in 2015 to further develop the Asset Finance practice.

Camille is a graduate of HEC in Paris with a specialization in Finance.

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Émilie Bruyns

Financial Analyst

Émilie started her career in financial audit at KPMG Luxembourg, where she was in charge of a wide range of audit mandates including among others, key private equity players, renown industrial companies as well as non-profit organizations on both statutory and consolidated financial statements under LuxGAAP, IFRS and US GAAP.
In June 2023, Emilie joined RIVE Private Investment as Financial Analyst to reinforce the financing team.
Émilie is a graduate of Louvain School of Management with a major in Corporate Finance.

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Bénédicte Déchery

Office Manager

Bénédicte has dual French and Canadian citizenship and has lived in France since 1995. She attended Ottawa University and Université Paris-Diderot where her studies focused on translation and languages. Bénédicte has lived and worked in several countries and has over 25 years of significant experiences working in multicultural environments.

She was Administrative manager for 15 years at Communicaid, a British firm specialised in intercultural, language and communication skills before launching her own maple syrup import company, Les Cousins gourmands.

Before joining RIVE Private Investment, Bénédicte was Office Manager at a genomic medecine company focused on vision saving treatments.

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Pierre du Passage


Pierre has more than 15 years of experience in Infrastructure and Private Equity investments.

He started his career at KPMG Corporate Finance within the Mergers & Acquisitions team before joining Naxicap Partners in 2008, where he was specifically in charge of LBO transactions on European SMEs. In 2013, Pierre joined EDF’s holding company dedicated to renewable energy operations and corporate ventures, where he was responsible for both Mergers & Acquisitions and fund of funds activities. He was also involved in the creation of Amundi Energy Transition, a management company dedicated to energy transition financing, jointly owned by Amundi Asset Management and EDF Group. As Managing Director at Amundi Energy Transition, Pierre was responsible for the management of the investment team dedicated to Sustainable Infrastructures (wind, solar, biomass and biogas assets). Pierre is now responsible for the Sustainable Infrastructure practice at RIVE Private Investment.

Pierre is a graduate of Paris Dauphine University and holds a Master’s Degree in Financial Engineering from EM Lyon.

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Pauline Gasquet

Head of Sustainability

Pauline has 6 years of experience in sustainable development consulting in particular.

Pauline started her career as a process engineer at VA Tech Wabag in India, then expanded her expertise by completing a thesis at the European Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technologies. Before joining RIVE, Pauline Gasquet contributed to the strategic transformation and sustainable value creation of investment funds and their portfolio companies at Ansa, a specialized consulting firm dedicated to funds in the infrastructure and consumer goods sector.

Pauline leads RIVE’s ESG team, where she oversees the operational implementation and improvement of the processes and procedures constituting RIVE’s ESG strategy. She works closely with the RIVE ecosystem, both with portfolio companies and partners, to promote ESG culture and optimize the alignment of RIVE’s activities with the European taxonomy.

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Léo Gelas


Léo has 3 years of experience in equity investments in energy transition infrastructures and unlisted companies.

Léo started his career in impact venture capital at WIC Capital, where he participated in several investments in women-led companies. Léo then joined Mediterrania Capital Partners in Spain, where he participated in investments in midcap companies in various sectors. Since 2021, Léo is part of the energy transition infrastructure division of the RIVE Private Investment team as an Analyst.

Léo holds a dual degree MSc Risk & Finance and Master in Management from EDHEC Business School. 

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Bachir Lahsini

Investment Director

Bachir has more than 8 years of experience in asset finance and private equity.

He started his career as an investment analyst at Amundi Private Equity Funds, then at 123 Investment Managers where he took part in multiple investments in European SMEs. Since June 2015, Bachir is part of the Asset Finance team of RIVE Private Investment and participates to a wide range of cross-border asset-based transactions including the acquisition, financing and leasing of new and used helicopters, ships and other assets and industrial equipment.

Bachir is a graduate of Neoma Business School with a major in Finance.

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Alexis Laurent

Financial Analyst

After a first professional experience at Alter Domus Luxembourg, Alexis joined PwC Luxembourg as financial auditor in 2016.

He was mainly in charge of the audit of investment funds (UCITS & AIF) for renowned clients. While achieving numerous audit engagements, he gained thorough knowledge about the Luxembourg fund industry with a focus on private equity funds in various reporting frameworks (IFRS & LUX GAAP). In 2020, Alexis joined RIVE Private Investment as financial analyst to further reinforce the control team.

Alexis is a graduate of HEC in Liège with a major in Finance and certified accountant.

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Élisa Laurent


Élisa has 5 years of experience in M&A and project finance in the energy transition field.
Her career, starting in audit at Mazars, quickly shifted towards energy transition. She gained solid experience in M&A and project financing, first at Tevali Partners, then for three years at Gottengreen, specialized consulting firms in energy transition.
In 2023, Élisa joined RIVE Energy Transition team as an Associate, where she plays a key role in the origination, structuring, and monitoring of investments.
Élisa is a graduate of ESCP.

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Romain Le Dorze

Financial Controller

After a first experience in 2014 as an analyst at Total Group, Romain joined the Grant Thornton’s Paris office as financial auditor.

He achieves numerous statutory audit missions in various sectors within an international context (real estate, industry, insurance, IT…) as well as several advisory missions especially in internal control. In January 2019, Romain joined RIVE Private Investment as financial controller. Romain is a graduate of IESEG School of Management and holds the French Diplôme de Comptablité et de Gestion.

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Léopold Lyet


Léopold has 4 years of experience in M&A, project finance, and capital raising.
Léopold worked for nearly three years in M&A and Project Finance at Liquid Africa, Previously, he worked in Project Finance at ING in London and in M&A at CACIB where he specialized in energy.
In 2023, Léopold joined RIVE Transportation Assets team, mainly working on rail investments.
Léopold is a graduate from ESSEC Business School with a major in Corporate Finance.

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Etienne Mouthon

Managing Partner

Etienne has more than 30 years of experience in structured finance and private markets investments with a focus on real assets.

Etienne started his career in 1989 by practicing law for eight years in international law firms (Jones Day and Stibbe Simont Monahan Duhot) in Paris, New York and Washington. In 1997, Etienne was named Tax Director for Banque AIG and specialised in structured finance and cross boarder structured leasing transactions. In 2005, Etienne became Managing Director at Mirabaud Group, in charge of private markets investments (venture, private debt and real assets) on behalf of institutional investors and high net worth individuals. In 2013 Etienne became one of the Founding and Managing Partners of RIVE Private Investment to further develop the real asset practice and brings its extensive experience in the structuring of complex transactions.

Etienne is a former member of the Paris bar and a member of the New York bar. Etienne holds a Master in International Taxation from the university of Paris XI/HEC Paris, and an LL.M in taxation from New York University. Etienne is a member of the Young President Organization’s (YPO) Alpine Chapter.

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Ariana Couëdel

Office Manager

Ariana is of Swiss and Canadian nationality and studied social sciences at the University of Lausanne.

During her MSc at the University of Lausanne, Ariana worked as a receptionist for various international organisations in the banking, medical and retail sectors.

Before joining RIVE Private Investment, Ariana worked in Hospitality Management for the World Economic Forum in Geneva.

She is now Office Manager of the Geneva office.

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Raphael Naim

Investment Director

Raphaël has more than 12 years of experience in the banking sector with a specialization in asset finance.

Raphaël started his career at HSBC in the Asset & Liability Management team, in charge of interest rate hedging of the banking portfolio. In 2013, he joined the Infrastructure and Real Estate team of HSBC where he delivered a wide range of cross-border financings to major airlines and aircraft lessors around the globe. Raphaël was also responsible for managing asset residual values and led the remarketing as well as the sale of numerous assets.

Raphaël is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and holds a master degree in mathematic finance from ENSAE Paris/University of Paris Dauphine.

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Kevin Sara


Kevin has over 25 years of experience as an investment banker and as a renewable energy project developer.

After spending the first part of his career as an investment banker (UBS – M&A, Salomon Brothers – TMT banker, and Nomura — Technology Principal Investments), Kevin co-founded one of the first cleantech asset managers in London in 2007. As a pioneering “clean-tech” investor, he made investments in fuel cells, solar generation technologies, wind and marine turbines, electric vehicles, and new battery technologies. He then founded solar developer Nur Energie which develops solar generation projects in France, Italy, Greece, and Tunisia, including the large-scale solar export project TuNur.

Kevin is deeply concerned with the ecological transition and has written extensively on emerging topics such as the electrification of transportation (aviation), energy storage, international electricity trading, and the production of synthetic fuels.

Kevin has a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Vassar College (New York), and an MBA from the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées (Paris).

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Antoine Sebag

Investment Manager

Antoine has more than 5 years of experience in asset finance and private equity.

After graduating from Ecole des Mines, Antoine developed a two-year expertise as a project manager in the automotive sector.

In 2018, Antoine joined the Asset Financing team of RIVE Private Investment as an analyst. He participates to a wide range of multijurisdictional asset-backed transactions including the acquisition, financing and leasing of new and used locomotives, aircraft as well as other assets and industrial equipments.

Antoine holds an MSc degree in Corporate Finance from ESSEC and an engineering degree from Ecole des Mines.

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Yann Thomas

Managing Partner

Yann has more than 20 years of experience in asset management and financial structuring with a specific focus on renewable energy infrastructure and real assets investments.

Yann started his career at Société Générale where he spent more than ten years in Alternative Investments. In 2007, he became Managing Director of SGAM Alternative Investment, Société Générale’s subsidiary which focuses on structured financings, hedge funds, private equity, and real estate. During his time at Société Générale, Yann structured and invested over €40 billion in alternative investment solutions for corporate, institutional and family office investors. In 2011, Yann founded Elyseum Investment and launched one of the first funds dedicated to European Renewable Energy Infrastructure. In 2013, Yann co-founded RIVE Private Investment as a Managing Partner to further develop the real assets practice.

Yann is a graduate of HEC in Paris with a specialization in Finance.

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Stéphanie Vaille

Legal Officer

Stéphanie started her carrier in 1994 in the real estate sector. She specialized in legal and contractual matters as well as conformity through various experiences with real estate developers in France. In 2016 Stéphanie joined the legal team of Rive Private Investment.

Stéphanie holds a Licence in Business Law from Paris XI University (Sceaux).

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Victoire Verlodt


Victoire has 4 years of experience in the fields of transaction services & corporate finance.

Before joining RIVE Private Investment, Victoire worked for three years at PwC and participated to their M&A Graduate Program. She worked in the Transaction Services, Valuation and Business Modeling departments in Paris, on various sectors.

Previously, she also gained experience in Structured & Corporate Finance in the Singaporean branch of CIC bank.

Since 2023, Victoire is a member of the RIVE Private Investment Tangible Assets division, mainly working on aircraft and maritime investments.

Victoire graduated from Audencia Business School.

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Kawtar Ziyat

Investment Manager

Kawtar has 6 years of experience in infrastructure investments with a specific focus on energy transition assets. 

Kawtar started her career at Vinci Construction in M&A in Paris and Auckland before joining the financing team of Total Energies in London. In 2018, she joined Amundi Energy Transition where she made several investments in Europe and contributed to the deployment of nearly €180 Million in renewable energy and energy efficiency infrastructure financing. Within Amundi Energy Transition, Kawtar was appointed as Associate Director in 2021.

Kawtar is now responsible for the origination and structuring of energy transition infrastructure investments at RIVE Private Investment. Kawtar is also Vice President of Infravenir, an association that brings together young infrastructure professionals to address the challenges of tomorrow.

Kawtar holds a master’s degree in Corporate Finance from Neoma Business School and a degree in Economics from the Sorbonne University.

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