RIVE Private Investment continues to expand its asset-based activities

RIVE Private Investment poursuit le développement de son activité de location de moteurs d’avion

RIVE Private Investment is pleased to announce the acquisition of 6 Honeywell Auxiliary Power Units (“APU”) and 2 turboprop PW100 (“PW100”) series engine through the newly created company LXA Aircraft & Engines Parts (“LXA EP”). Those engines will be consigned with leading Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul operators (“MRO”) worldwide and leased to their clients.

Recently co-developed by RIVE Private Investment and Logix.Aero (a specialist in engines leasing, with a strong experience in aircraft maintenance and rotables parting-out), LXA EP is dedicated to aircraft engines leasing, especially:

  • Honeywell APU, the most popular APU worldwide with over 65% of the APU business market share;
  • Turboprop Pratt & Whitney PW100 engine family installed on all ATR’s (a subsidiary of Airbus Group and a leading company of the turboprop aircraft market) commercial fleet of over 1,000 aircrafts.

With this transaction, the total fleet available for leasing under RIVE Private Investment’s management is composed of close to 20 engines, with a total of 30 engines expected in the forthcoming months. Over the last 4 years, RIVE Private Investment and Logix.Aero have successfully invested together around $35 Million in aircraft engines leasing strategy.

About LXA Aircraft & Engines Parts

LXA Aircraft and Engines Parts was founded in 2016 when RIVE Private Investment and Logix.Aero decided to further enhance their cooperation in innovative services designed to address original equipment manufacturers, MROs, and airline operators needs in terms of repair cycle management and engines operational leases. Dedicated to the acquisition and subsequent leasing of Honeywell APUs and PW100 series engine, LXA EP offers to MROs a flexible and cost-efficient solution in order to provide airlines with spare engines required to keep an aircraft flying during an engine shop visit.

Through the LXAs’ companies, RIVE Private Investment and Logix.Aero now share several years of successful investment experience with the leasing of 17 PW127 engines, 12 APUs and a stock of aircraft parts, as well as the part-out of 2 Boeing 737 for a total invested amount of c. $50 Million (i.e. out of which $35 Million in aircraft engines leasing strategy).

About RIVE Private Investment

RIVE Private Investment is an independent private equity player founded in 2013 by two investment management firms (123IM and Elyseum Investment). RIVE Private Investment draws upon the combined resources and expertise of its shareholders in order to develop flexible, opportunistic and defensive investment solutions specifically for institutional investors and family offices.

RIVE Private Investment targets opportunities mainly across Europe and North America, focusing on three defensive sectors, namely infrastructure investments, asset finance and mezzanine debt financing.

Through its shareholders, RIVE Private Investment benefits from the talent and expertise of over fifty investment professionals located in four European countries. These teams have a solid track record and to date have invested over €1.0 Billion in these sectors.