Tangible Assets

New financing method

Asset financing involves purchasing and lending tangible assets to companies looking to make capital investments. This sector has shown solid growth over the last five years as companies have been faced with shrinking access to credit and are turning to private investment firms for their financing needs.

Asset backed lending

Investing in tangible assets provides portfolio stability given that these investments produce reoccurring cash flow and are secured by assets.

Our approach

Our teams and those of our partners invest in tangible assets with low depreciation rates such as helicopters  freight cars, containers, ships but also infrastructure equipment and assets dedicated to maintenance. Also, those assets offer a strong visibility over their resale value. Our teams favor bank financing with reasonable  leverage ratio to optimize financial returns.

Our experience

Our teams and those of our partners have invested over €400 Million in asset financing. Our teams benefit from a proven experience in various sectors (helicopters, aircraft, locomotives…), in all investment phases (acquisitions, financing, management, disposal).