Increased demand for capital

The infrastructure sector is showing an increasing demand for capital from investors who are seeking low volatility investments and regular returns without the risk of technological obsolescence. These investments may include hospitals, airport concessions, telecommunications equipment, etc. The infrastructure sector allows outside investors to play a major role in financing assets that, once built, can bring stability and returns to an investment portfolio.

Focus on renewable energies

Renewable energies – be they wind, solar cell or bio gas – have demonstrated steady growth due to shifts toward cleaner energy sources and increased government regulations.

Our approach

Our teams and those of our partners play a prominent role in renewable energies, working alongside leading energy companies. We partner with energy companies once all necessary authorizations have been secured and regulated rates have been negotiated. After a few years of generating stable and recurring cash flows, these investments are sold. We aim to leverage this approach in all types of infrastructure programs in Europe, and on occasion abroad, by working with our long-standing partners. We look for solid visibility on recurring revenues as well as long-term capital gains.

Our experience

Our teams and our partners are pioneers in the renewable energy with investments in over 100 plants representing close to 900 MW capacity and over €1.3 Billion in capital and debt investments.